How to make Rectangle Marker

Published: : Last Updated:2014/05/04 AR, FLARToolKit

rectangle marker sample

I released new FLAR contents.
This is sample of using Rectangle marker.

I tell you how to use rectangle marker.

caution:You need a webcam to play this contents.

How to use

  1. Print this marker.
  2. open demo.
  3. Point your webcam at the printed marker, and you hear the voices.

How to make Rectangle marker

  1. Make square border.
    make square border
  2. Tranform border to rectangle.
    rectangle marker border
  3. Draw your mark.
    draw marker
  4. Generate pattern.
    generate pattern
  5. Use pattern and create contents.

To get source code.

This code based on GPLv3.

Please SVN check out from here.


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  1. [...] How to make Rectangle Marker ? flash.tarotaro.org.blog Hi. I released new FLAR contents. This is sample of using Rectangle marker. [...]

  2. Brian says:

    Just wondering, i cannot find any offset in FLARectangleMarker.as for the height of the marker, is there any?

  3. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, Brian.
    AR Marker Generator treat rectangle marker as square.
    So, no offset is necessary.
    Thank you.

  4. Omar Fisher says:

    Hi, I live in Mexico, and you’re work is great! I have one question, how can you play an external video file, instead the mp3 files?
    Thanks in advance,
    ISC Omar Fisher


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