Multi Marker Test.

Published: : Last Updated:2014/05/04 AR, FLARToolKit, Spark Project


I released example of multi marker for FLARToolKit.
Check it out!

Creating multi marker is very difficult.

Source code is here.

caution:You need a webcam to play this contents.

How to use

  1. Print this marker and this marker.
  2. open demo.
  3. Please wait.
  4. Point your webcam at the printed markers.


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  1. LeoChen says:

    Thank you, This is really great!

    This is what I need.

    But I have some questions …

    Why I will provide you with the source code is read after the execution can not sign it?

    In the code I do not see camera_para.dat, in this example is not to be need?

  2. ericsoco says:

    hi tarotaro. thanks for posting this.
    what branch of FLARToolkit does this example use? does this use alchemy?

  3. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, ericsoco.

    This example uses FLARToolKit ver1.0.0.

    Thank you.

  4. afish says:

    can you please give me download link for the the project ,,thx

  5. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, afish.

    What is “project”, do you mean?
    You say about Flash builder project?

    I don’t have project file because I don’t use Flash builder.

    Thank you.

  6. gabscung says:

    heyy, i have erro like this.
    Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.
    at org.libspark.flartoolkit.detector::FLARMultiMarkerDetector()

  7. gabscung says:

    sry, problem above solve. heyy guys, i don’t look camera_param.dat . n my project do not view object cube. whats wrong,,,,??

  8. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, gabscung .

    Can you compile build and execute this code?
    This code doesn’t need camera_para.dat.

    Something may be wrong in your project.
    For example, FLARTK version .
    Please review it.

    Thank you.

  9. VV says:

    Hey tarotarorg,

    I got an error saying that “Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: FLARParam”. Could you please guide me?


  10. Daniel says:

    hello, in my case I get the following error: -1067: Implicit conversion from a value of type Array to an unrelated type _AS3_vec.vecVector.
    -1067: Implicit conversion from a value of type Array to a type _AS3_: vec: Vector. Unrelated. I could tell that it should?

  11. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, Daniel

    Your compiler version may be old.
    Please try to compile using latest Flex SDK.

    Thank you.

  12. Joe says:

    hi, i’m trying to learn how to detect multiple markers, however

    link to these markers cannot be opened

    errors occurred when i open the source code in FlashDevelop

    could you please help me ? thank you so much

  13. Joe says:


    E:\Files\FL\arproject\MultiMarkerTest.as(36): col: 2 Error: The public attribute can only be used inside a package.

    E:\Files\FL\arproject\MultiMarkerTest.as(174): col: 2 Error: Syntax error.

  14. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, Joe.
    Thank you for your reporting.
    I test it.

  15. Cesar says:

    I have no errors in my project but I can see my cubes or project or in the example we are here, why?

  16. foxcun says:

    Hi taro, do you know how to put collada *.dae 3D into the object?

    Thanks b4

  17. Myke says:

    wh’s up i check the code i don’t know if it’s wrong or was leave it like that on purpose but i found patt.hiro instead hiro.pat which one is right thanx awesome tut see ya

  18. Alo says:

    Excellent, thank you very much for the contribution it worked great.

  19. ap says:

    i try to load 2 .dae models with 2 makers… i try to generate the next code but say error you can use only one public attribute inside one package… help me please

    package {

    import flash.events.Event;
    import org.papervision3d.objects.parsers.DAE;

    [SWF(width=640, height=480, backgroundColor=0x808080, frameRate=30)]

    public class Earth extends PV3DARApp {

    private var _earth:DAE;

    public function Earth() {
    addEventListener(Event.INIT, _onInit);
    init(‘Data/camera_para.dat’, ‘Data/flarlogo.pat’);

    private function _onInit(e:Event):void {
    _earth = new DAE();
    _earth.scale = 9;
    _earth.rotationX = 90;

    addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, _update);

    private function _update(e:Event):void {
    _earth.rotationZ -= 0.1
    public class Earth2 extends PV3DARApp {

    private var _earth2:DAE;

    public function Earth2() {
    addEventListener(Event.INIT, _onInit);
    init(‘Data/camera_para.dat’, ‘Data/cortado.pat’);

    private function _onInit(e:Event):void {
    _earth2 = new DAE();
    _earth2.scale = 9;
    _earth2.rotationX = 90;

    addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, _update);

    private function _update(e:Event):void {
    _earth2.rotationZ -= 0.1

  20. Elamiz says:

    Hello,i am a HK student who start using Flash Builder for trying to do multi marker of AR,(i don’t know programming too much)….can u teach me how to perform A marker can show A picture,B marker can show B picture by using FLARMultiMarkerDetector?
    {i hv try to make the demo…i hope u may understand wt i am talking…(http://www.4shared.com/video/BTzKcMTT/Screen_Record_2013-03-10_at_21.html) .. can u teach me to do this in a simple way?}

  21. Gabriel says:


    Thank you very much for the code… it worked well for me. Do you know if it’s possible to make the multi-marker test work with FlarToolKit 4.0? I am trying to make it as fast as possible.

    Thanks again,



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