ARToolKit Marker Generator Online released!

UPDATED:new Marker Generator Online Released.

ARToolKit Marker Generator Online makes you create original marker for ARToolKit.

caution:You need a webcam to play this contents.

caution:Flash Player 10 or later is required.

How to use

  1. Design your original marker and print it.
  2. open ARToolKit Marker Generator Online.
  3. Set segments and marker size.
  4. Point your webcam at the printed marker.
  5. Push “Get Pattern” button when a red line encloses the marker.
  6. Preview your marker image.
  7. Push “Save” button to save your pattern file “*.pat”.

To get source code.

Please SVN check out from here.





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  1. Dave says:

    Where is the .pat file saved? I’ve done all the steps but, when I click the “saved” button it dosn’t appear.

  2. Josh says:

    Can you confirm if the .pat files work with the FLARToolKit as well? Thanks.

  3. tarotarorg says:

    Is your Flash Player version 10?
    This contents requires Flash Player 10.

  4. tarotarorg says:

    .pat files work ARToolKit and FLARToolKit.

  5. Rogier says:

    Hi Josh,

    Is it also possible to make the video 1600*1200 px so that I can use thatr resolution instead of 640*480.

  6. Kasper says:

    Hi Roger,
    can you please explain how I get the best result by in/decrease the “Marker segments” and the “Marker size”. What do they affect.

    NB.I’m using a mac book pro 15″

  7. am says:

    can’t get the marker using the image input, anything wrong?

  8. tarotarorg says:


    Sorry, I cannot answer because I cannot see your image.

  9. am says:

    hi tarotarorg, i could send you my picture, but it’s a normal jpg file, i’ve tryed with other images but same problem. does this works for you with a jpg file?

  10. […] out you don’t need a *.hiro file, you can swap it out with a *.pat file. There is even an online ARToolKit Maker Generator that is quick and easy to […]

  11. Holde says:

    Hi Tarotarorg, i´ve tried to use your source code of your marker generator with flex builder 3. I´m new to flex and i got some error if i try to compile. Do you have a workspace of your work online to download. Do you use some extra files for this project. I have already downloaded everything in Or do you have some important advises for an absolute beginner like me?

  12. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, am.

    Please try to use “Saito-san marker” image.

    Can you get marker ?

  13. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, Holde.

    You have to import FLARToolKit.
    or, Please show me error message you got.

  14. QFD says:

    Ca marche!

  15. […] thing you need is the ARToolkit Marker Generator, which is graciously available online, for free, and looks like […]

  16. […] The FLARToolKit is great and very easy to get up and running, thanks to the great demo from Saqoosha. You can design your own image and generate a marker file here. […]

  17. […] thing I found helpful was an ARToolKit maker which helps you make the shapes that are required for FLAR to create visualizations. With those two […]

  18. peter.hastie says:

    Thankyou so much for this tool – very useful indeed. I had some trouble saving the file if I tried to rename it or change the location. The file did save correctly if I accepted all the defaults though.

    I’m using Vista64 bit with Flash10 debug version. This is the error I get:

    Error #2044: Unhandled IOErrorEvent:. text=Error #2038: File I/O Error.
    at mx.core::UIComponent/dispatchEvent()
    at mx.core::UIComponent/set initialized()
    at mx.managers::LayoutManager/doPhasedInstantiation()
    at Function/
    at mx.core::UIComponent/callLaterDispatcher2()
    at mx.core::UIComponent/callLaterDispatcher()

  19. […] 當你想使一些個人化的marker時又發覺很麻煩的話 這個網站就可以幫到你了ARToolKit Marker Generator Online 根據你上載的圖形就可以輸出相應的marker code 而且使用相當方便 VN:F […]

  20. ericsoco says:

    very nice! arigato gozaimasu!

  21. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, ericsoco.

    dou itashimasite!

  22. tarotarorg says:

    Salut, QFD.


  23. […] you will need: 1. Photoshop (any will do) 2. Papervision3D rev. 817 or later 3. FlarToolkit 4. ArToolkit Marker Generator (flash player 10) 5. webcam 6. Fash CS3 or […]

  24. dino says:

    hi thanls for your tutorial…is possible to get a marker with a pocket sigaret?

  25. Marcos says:

    I’m very new to AR and ARToolkit.
    I have used the tool to create the .pat file and downloaded it to my computer. Thanks!

    Now… How do I use this file to change my marker??

    Thanks for any hints. :)


  26. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, Marcos.

    You can use your new marker instead of “patt.hiro”.

  27. T says:

    great little program, I was just wondering, I have Flash CS3, and flash player 9, will this work for it?

    Is there a program similar to this for FP9?


  28. […] research with SwisTrack and Blender3D I’ve jumped on the bandwagon with every other flash developer and tinkered with the FLART toolkit. I havn’t gotten much further than a working compile of […]

  29. Felix says:


    I try to compile the source code from, but Flex Builder 3 report an error exist in a line of “FLARCodeViewPanel.mxml”:, “marker” + this._code.getWidth() + “.pat”);

    it said the method “save” is an undefined one. I check the help of AS3 and find it is actually not a defined method of class “FileReference”, so where is the problem? Is this method your custom defind one? How can I correctly reference it and compile the whole programe?


  30. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, Felix.

    Is your compile target FP9 ?
    FileReference#save is defined FP10.

    See here.

  31. technodai says:

    Hi, I’m having real difficulty getting this app to work for me. I have a marker of which 50% is made up of my unique pattern. I have tried uploading an image and using a web cam but neither option produces patterns that are recognised by FLAR. When I try saqoosha’s app with the same patterns, it works fine. I’d really like to use yours as I have made my markers 8 x 8 so that they will be seen better by camera…any idea what I am doing wrong?

    FYI I have tried using both 50% and 100% marker width settings…

  32. Bérenger says:


    I’m a french student who want to devellop an augmented reality application. Have you got informations about FlarToolkit tutorial in english or french. I don’t speak japanese and it’s very hard to lesson how I can use FLARToolkit.

    I work on macbook 2,16 ghz with Flash CS3

    Thanks for all.

  33. Hello,
    I used your marker generator one month ago in order to create my own marker for some tries of FLARtoolkit. It worked fine at first time.
    However, I need to create a new marker for a client since a week, and I can’t do it working. I tried all settings of your application but nothing seems to work ! So, have you updated your generator, which could explain that it doesn’t work anymore (because of a possible error) ?
    And so, how could I create a new marker if I can’t use your application ?
    thanks for your reply.

    PS : you did a great work with this application ! Thanks for helping us using FLARtoolkit !

  34. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, Bérenger .

    See here.
    Start-up guide for FLARToolkit |

    Thank you.

  35. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, technodai.

    Sorry, I can’t help you.
    My generator is an improvement of Saqoosha’s.
    Marker detection algorithm is same as his.

    Thank you.

  36. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, Absolut.Renal.

    The last updated date of Marker Generator is December,2008.

    Thank you.

  37. […] generation this marker generator, created by tarotaro, can generate pattern files from either a live camera feed or a loaded image. […]

  38. Well, can’t understand why I can’t do it working anymore, but I found another marker generator (Air app) on Saqoosha’s website.

  39. […] How to make a custom marker -In photoshop create an 80×80mm canvas -apply a 20mm black border around the inside -place what ever you want in the center -Download saqoosha air application from HERE and create the .pat file -a friend has also told me that this one line marker creator works great ( […]

  40. […] own 80mm FLARToolKit markers (image + .pat definition file). I recommend this how-to at Squidder,?this online generator, and a?PDF-from-numerical ID?generator. I ended up pixeling a few in […]

  41. psybermoon says:

    thanx, it work very well…
    greetings from germany

  42. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, psybermoon.
    Thank you.

  43. […] For Nerds Only: Custom FLAR Markers Explained from March 2009. The article points to Tarotaro’s ARToolKit Marker Generator which you can download or use online. It requires Flash Player 10, but will partially work in Flash […]

  44. aloysiochagas says:

    Hello tarotaro! The generator marker online has a error when I click in the Save button. Are you know why it happening? I’m trying to Load a image to create an marker but when I select the marker and click in the Save button I get a error.

    TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.

    Could you help me?

  45. makc says:

    Something has really changed since December 14th, 2008 – when I recompile this, marker pattern is 1) scaled wrong – you would need 0% to 100% range and markserSizeSlider.value * 0.1, not 5 – (markserSizeSlider.value / 20.0), in order to change FLARDynamicRatioColorPatt_O3 params from 0 to WK_WORLD_ADD (=10), as source expects it, – and 2) pattern is now turned 90 degrees for some reason.

    SVN logs for suggest that it was actually *YOUR* changes on February 23rd, so I dont think just waiving away people complaints about non-working code is fair from you. Please comment.

  46. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, makc.

    Thanks for your report.
    FLARDynamicRatioColorPatt_O3( in FLARToolKit) has changed.

    I fixed MarkerGenerator.

    Thank you.

  47. uni says:

    i could be really stupid but i printed out a pattern form another site and now i’m trying to use the tool to capture the image with camera selected, but the get pattern button never becomes active. what am i doing wrong? I have FP 10 and my webcam is working.

  48. Nandi Gunarsa says:

    It works very well. Thanks a lot!

  49. tarotarorg says:

    Hi Nandi.
    Thank you.

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