Cube type Marker in FLAR


This Project depends on FLARToolKit and Papervision3D.
To build CyberCube, you need compile “” in src/org/tarotaro/flash/ar.
And now, display model is Sphere.





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  1. micheal says:

    how do you use it without that pointer thingy?

  2. micheal says:

    oh and do you have any print outs for the gift cards?

  3. micheal says:

    nevermind, i figured it out :D

  4. micheal says:

    i cant get the demo to download, the screen just turns dark when i click on it :(

  5. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, micheal.

    Do you have webcamera?

    Thank you.

  6. tony says:

    hi ,
    how can i download the Source

  7. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, tony.

    You can svn checkout from

    Thank you.

  8. Alt says:

    There is some missing files, can someone verify it.


  9. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, Alt.

    Sorry, I commited updated version.
    This is easier to build.
    Please check it and compile
    (you need FLARToolKit and Papervision3D.)

    Thank you.

  10. Chris says:

    Great Work!

    Do you have any tips about how to generate the .pat files for a target cube?

    Looking through the code & .pat files, it seems like the process is different than just combining multiple single patterns — top32.pat is clearly the top of the demo cube, cube-basic32.pat looks similar to the side patterns, but what does sideQ.pat do?

    Also, I assume CyberCube5 and CyberCube6 are classes for defining 5 and 6-sided patterns, respectively? Is the .pat generating process different from 5 to 6-sided targets?


  11. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, Chris.

    It is difficult for me to explain because I am not good at English.
    I wrote new entry to explain how to detect cube marker.


  12. sueyan says:

    it’s really cool, actually i am trying to do something like that too, but totally clueless…
    with your source code, how can i change the marker pattern and the animated model??
    it would be really nice for you to help me out!!

  13. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, sueyan.

    To change pattern:change pattern file top32.pat,cube-basic.pat,sideQ.pat.
    To change model:edit line 151.

    Thank you.

  14. sueyan says:

    thanks for the reply!
    But I have another question now..can the patterns on the four sides be totally different/completely unrelated?? If can’t, is there any way to make it??
    thanks again and again!

  15. armaghan says:

    Hi Tarotarorg,

    a very great job,
    i am new to augmented reality, but the thing I am going to do is to display six different videos on six different sides of a cube!!

    Can you please give me an idea on this?
    Any help is very much appreciated

  16. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, armaghan.

    I think you soud use FLARMultiMarkerDetector.

    Thank you.

  17. MIYAKI says:

    I don’t understand about the Source code path?
    Where the CyberCube path should be placed?
    Thanks !!

  18. miyako says:

    hi Tarotarorg,
    It is very cool demo.
    Do you know the relationship between the location of flartoolkit and CyberCube how to put it?
    thank you.

  19. tarotarorg says:

    Hi, miyako.

    1. Add to classpath below.
    * FLARToolKit ver 1.0.0
    * Papervision3D
    * ZipLoader
    * Metasequoia
    * Metasequoia tarotarorg’s branches
    * Tweener
    * CyberCube

    2. Compile

    Thank you.

  20. samara says:

    ei esse cubinho ai não pega fica a cantora hatsumi miku com a boca aberta a não troca a roupa so faz gastar tinta da empressora mais eu não precisso memso meu pai compra o negocio emportado do japão hmukk.

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