post-new in WP4.2.2-ja

I can not add new post in WordPress 4.2

I updated my blog (in Japanese) to WordPress 4.2. And I tried to add

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Intel umbrella

My umbrella bought in Intel Museum has broken

I bought an umbrella at Intel museum in Sept 2012. But it broke toda

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I got Lytro

It's fun! I'm enjoying Lytro!

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I'm very busy now. Sadly it can not update this blog.

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FLAR Torch

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FLARToolKit NyIDMarker Detector

Hi. I committed the detector for the FLARToolKit ID marker to S

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Multi Marker Test.

Hi. I released example of multi marker for FLARToolKit. Check it

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FLAR + MMD = dancing AR.

Hi. I released new FLAR contents. This is demo of FLARToolKit and

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generate pattern

How to make Rectangle Marker

Hi. I released new FLAR contents. This is sample of using Rect

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FLAR + RSS + Matrix

Hi. I released new FLAR contents. This is FLAR + RSS + Matrix

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